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Golden Focus #1-3



  • City: Stanton
  • State/county: Arizona
  • Country: United States


Embark on a journey into the heart of Arizona’s illustrious mining history with the Golden Focus Placer Mining Claims: Golden Focus #1, Golden Focus #2, and Golden Focus #3. Located in the renowned Rich Hill/Weaver Mining District near the historic town of Stanton, these placer claims offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of this historically significant and gold-rich area.

Claim Details:

  • Golden Focus #1: Placer Claim – [20 acres]
  • Golden Focus #2: Placer Claim – [20 acres]
  • Golden Focus #3: Placer Claim – [18.62 acres]

Price: $18500

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Key Features:

  1. Rich Mining Heritage:
    • Immerse yourself in the legacy of the gold rush era, as Rich Hill and the Weaver Mining District have been at the forefront of gold discoveries, attracting prospectors for over a century.
  2. Gold Rush Legacy:
    • These claims are situated in an area with a profound gold rush legacy, where the allure of gold prospecting continues to captivate enthusiasts seeking to uncover untold treasures.
  3. Proximity to Historic Sites:
    • Explore the surroundings with proximity to historical sites, remnants of old mining operations, and landmarks that bear witness to the rich history of gold mining in the American West.
  4. Organized Prospecting Associations:
    • Recognize the gold-bearing potential of the region with proximity to organized prospecting associations, including the famed GPAA claim known as “Lucky Linda.”
  5. Unique Landscape Features:
    • Discover gold in diverse terrains, including hilltops, hillsides, finger washes, and main washes, providing a unique prospecting experience that captures the essence of the Arizona wilderness.
  6. Access and Supplies:
    • Convenient access to these placer claims requires a 4×4 or SUV with decent clearance. Nearby stores in Congress and Yarnell offer essential supplies for extended stays and camping.
  7. Package Deal:
    • These claims are exclusively offered as a package deal. Purchase all three placer claims together for a total of $28,500. Contact us for more information.

For more information or to secure your piece of Rich Hill history, contact us at 928-499-7228

Information concerning your purchase:

You are purchasing (3) three placer gold mining claims, Owned by a MineData LLC. This purchase is for all interest in the claim. The claim have been examined and documented by professional mineral field surveyors. They have verified the information and potential mineral content of the site. The claim is as represented and documented above. Each Placer claim measures 1320ft by 660ft or 20.00 acres, unless otherwise noted. The claim has been verified and recorded with the Arizona BLM and Yavapai county recorders office. For more information on this, please contact the Arizona BLM on their website. This mining claim gives the owner full control of the minerals and ownership of all minerals and gems on the claim for as long as the purchaser maintains ownership. Ownership is retained by annual maintenance assessments of $165 per claim or by the Small miner paperwork when you have 10 or fewer claims in a year, plus a small recording fee to the BLM and the County Recorders office. These fees are per claim, per year. This claim has been paid in full until September 1st of 2024.
Binding and Legal notes:
The claim has been staked according to state law to include all of the mines and land as pictured. A MineData has placed all stakes on all corners as required by law.
The claim(s) has been described professionally and according to the BLM. They have been measured, staked and validated by professional Mineral and Mining Claim Surveyors.
Ownership of this placer claim gives the registered owner full control and ownership of all locatable minerals that may be located on the claim.
The sale of this claim(s) does not constitute any speculative investment or security. MineData LLC. is not selling any stocks, shares, securities or any sort of speculative investment.
The sale of this claim and the information contained therein does not imply or guarantee values, assay reports, or future earnings. MineData LLC. makes no guarantees, neither written nor implied of any past, present or future value or mineral content.
The sale of this claim does not account for any land or access issues that may arise.
MineData LLC. recommends that all buyers make all efforts to inform themselves on the interests and legalities of mining claims prior to any purchase of mining claims. MineData LLC. is available via phone or email during normal business hours. Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The MineData LLC. team has plenty of knowledge about mining to help with all your questions, Please don’t hesitate to contact us. (928) 499-7228  https://minedata.us/contact-us/